Best of Hamburg's summer: Art, Culture and Food

Anche in questo caso, ripubblico un articolo che ho scritto per il magazine di cultura e viaggi inglese The Culture Trip sugli eventi imperdibili se ci si trova d'estate ad Amburgo. L'articolo è datato a quest'estate, ma gli eventi si tengono ogni anno.

Germany’s Hamburg is a young, lively place with a vibrant soul; the city’s cultural offerings are diverse, and this year the summer calendar is full of events. From theatrical plays to film screenings, from music concerts to boat races on the Elbe river, there will be a huge range of opportunities for travellers and locals to experience German culture. Here are our 10 best events in Hamburg this summer.

Hamburger Dom
25 July – 24 August
Three times a year, the city of Hamburg celebrates the DOM, the largest open-air fun fair in Northern Germany. The DOM is a Hamburg institution: it comes for a full month in April, August and November, and is the perfect event for those who want to experience fun, thrills and nostalgia. There are three kilometres of carousels, roller coasters and high-tech rides for the bravest, but also food stalls, concerts, and fireworks, all taking place in the streets of the eccentric neighbourhood of St. Pauli. The DOM is one of the most eagerly awaited events in Hamburg, especially in summertime, as it brings a welcome splash of vibrancy and colour to one of the city’s most captivating neighbourhoods.

Hamburg Summer Party
10 July
Taking place every year, Hamburg Summer Party is an unmissable event for those who are looking for something elegant to do, especially due to its glamorous locations, which change frequently. Celebrated last year on the river Elbe at Random International, this summer the party will be set on the rooftop of the exclusive restaurant Indochine. Guests will be welcomed with a champagne reception followed by a freshly prepared barbeque and an open-bar service, and can enjoy a breath-taking sunset on the river Elbe and the nightlights on the harbour. Organised by The Research Club, Hamburg Summer Party is one of the chicest and most sophisticated events in town.
Reeperbahn Festival
17 – 20 September
Taking place in Reeperbahn, the most famous street of the eccentric and non-conformist district of St. Pauli, the Reeperbahn Festival is Germany’s largest club festival and one of the three most important meeting places for music and digital industries in Europe. The festival offers several wide-ranging events and artists from all around the world performing indie, pop, rock, folk, electro, hip hop, soul, jazz. Concerts are held in clubs, bars, theatres, and other extraordinary venues on and around the Reeperbahn. This festival is an unmissable event in summer, not only for the huge variety of music performed but also for the location, which is the beating heart of the Hanseatic city.
Event takes place in various venues throughout the city.

Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival
5 July – 31 August
From 1996, the artistic concept of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival was to select a feature country for each year and highlight its music and culture, and this is year it will take place in Hamburg. Focused on classical music, the festival offers a great selection of high quality music and performers. Instead of taking place in the usual concert halls and opera houses, concerts are set in beautiful castles and manors, in barns and stalls, in the most spectacular churches of Schleswig-Holstein and even in unusual locations such as shipyards and industrial halls. This year, many stars will be focusing their attention on the wok of Felix Mendelssohn.
Event takes place in various venues throughout the city.

20 June – 6 July
The largest cultural festival in Hamburg, Altonale includes a wide selection of events among the fields of literature, art, theatre, music and film. Set in Altona Town Hall, it has a two week programme full of film screenings, readings, dance performances and live bands, ending with a two day street festival. Altonale also offers events for kids: they will have the chance to enjoy an interesting programme of children’s movie screenings, book readings and music concerts. and The elegant combination of street fair and cultural programme, commerce and art make Altonale a unique festival.
Event takes place in various venues throughout the city.

Hamburg Filmfest and Binnenalster
25 September – 4 October and 18 – 21 September
The perfect end to the summer season, Hamburg Filmfest is an unmissable event in Hamburg’s calendar. From world famous film directors to emerging ones, from national to international movies, from sophisticated arthouse films to innovative mainstream cinema, this festival is a cinema lovers’ paradise. In its 22nd edition this year, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Hamburg Filmfest will present a Deluxe section with films from the ex-German Democratic Republic. Furthermore, Hamburg Filmfest includes Binnenalster Filmfest, which will take place some days before the official festival, and it will commemorate the fall of the wall by showing films on this topic.
Event takes place in various venues throughout the city.

Enter the Dragon
16 - 17 August
As a Hanseatic city, Hamburg is certainly not lack in sailing events and initiatives. One of Germany’s largest dragon boat races, Enter the Dragon takes place on the Alster lake. The city pays tribute to the Chinese culture with this international dragon boat festival not only due to its close partnership with Shanghai as the European headquarters of China, but also because of its traditionally close ties to Chinese economy since the 17th century. Exciting and spectacular performances, great sailors and thrilling atmosphere make this event one of the best choices for summer in town, where you can enjoy the competition near the lake and the after-race party at Hofbrauhaus.

Hamburger Theaternacht
13 September
Held one day in the year, Hamburger Theaternacht presents an entire night of live performing arts in all their diversity and uniqueness. Traditional and avant-garde production, tragedy and comedy, plays and musicals, scripted acts or improvised ones, all kind of performances will take place on-stage. The plays will take place in many different venues around the city, and there will also be an open-air stage, located in a very particular and stunning location. Those who want to attend the shows will also have the chance to visit the backstage and the all theatre. With its original offer Hamburger Theaternacht has become of the main cultural highlight of the year in town.
Event takes place in various venues throughout the city.

28 – 31 August
Taking place on the stunning Alster lake, Alstervergnügen offers a rich programme of shows, performances and concerts on water and on land. Whether it's music and cultural programmes on multiple platforms, spectacles and shows on the water, whether a dance floor, cabaret and street theatre, the festival offers a range of ways to have a great weekend. Participants will amuse themselves rowing and water-boarding by day, and partying to pop, rock and soul music by night. The traditional highlight of the event on the very last night, the fireworks over the Alster lake, is the wonderful conclusion to the festival.
Event takes place in various venues throughout the city.

27 – 28 June
Schlagermove is Germany’s biggest retro pop music festival, and since 1997 has taken place in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district, the perfect location to host such an event. The most ardent of Germany’s pop music fans will gather together, most of them dressed flamboyantly: flared trousers, colourful clothes, oversized sunglasses and wigs will characterise the Reeperbahn during the last days of June. All the events are unmissable, but the final parade, similar to the Love Parade, is one of the craziest events in the city, and is worth a visit if you’re in town. All 1970s nostalgic fans will be delighted.

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